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Welcome to The Mortgage Mediator

The Mortgage Mediator continues to help homeowners and referral partners with all of their Home Ownership and Home Preservation needs. We are passionate about homeownership and helping homeowners in every related aspect in order to improve the quality of the American Dream. Please browse around our website. You will find our staff to be “In the know” about current programs, market conditions and real estate and mortgage finance opportunities. We are skillful, extremely resourceful and most importantly, our level of integrity cannot be surpassed.

"With our proven experience, we have eliminated millions of dollars of 2nd mortgages for pennies on the dollar. “We do not use bankruptcy as an option for the settlement."
-Mark Gershick - Founder

Eliminate Your 2nd

By strong negotiations, we compel your bank to settle and everyone wins. They are hoping that you keep making your payments even though you could walk.

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Short Sales

Short Sale Experts

Sell your home for less than you owe! Get a full release from the bank and get a fresh start! Receive 3,000-$20,000 from the bank to help you relocate!

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Free Evaluations

Planning on selling your home? We offer a no cost, no strings attached, FREE customized home evaluation. Fill out the online form to get started now!

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Agents and Brokers

Let us help you by becoming your personal skilled re-source and strategic partner. Be the “Go To Person” for all your client’s real estate & home preservation needs.

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