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The Mortgage Mediatorâ„¢ is a full service Real Estate Brokerage firm. We specialize in all forms of Home Ownership and Home Preservation, Equity Retention (Through Mortgage Settlement) and we are a Mortgage Lender with over 20 active lenders and banks to satisfy just about every available loan possibility.

We are experts at Short Sale and Mortgage Settlement negotiations and provide our services for real estate agents and brokers across the state.

We are based in West Hills, California and mediate on behalf of home owners in most of the 50 states. We believe that most people purchased their home as a place to live for many years and to bring a sense of stability to the family, a place to call their home. With this in mind, we want you to keep your home and have many years of enjoyment. For those homeowners whose homes are worth mush less that you owe, we help you sell you home for less than you owe and get completely released from any financial obligation from your existing lenders.

Our team is comprised of professional mortgage counselors, loss mitigators and negotiators, licensed real estate agents and brokers that are not only compassionate people, they are very passionate about their belief in the service that we provide.

Our Mortgage Mediators are skilled loss mitigation specialists and are highly equipped to successfully negotiate with every lender in the mortgage industry. We do this on your behalf to get you the results you desire to get ahead of the game.