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Agents & Brokers

Agents & Brokers

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  • Settle 2nd Mortgages for Pennies on the Dollar

Get rid of your 2nd or Home Equity Lines before it blows up!

  • Short Sale Negotiations

We take on all the collection of lender applications, financial documents, HUD 1’s, submission and final negotiation’s to have a successful Short Sale. 

  • Foreclosure  – Government Settlement For Damages

We go after your clients share of the NEW 10 BILLION DOLLAR Settlement. Damages may be up to 125,000.00.

We have helped over 300 homeowners fix their loans, save their homes, regain back lost equity and helped many agents and brokers keep very tenuous transactions in play and complete until closing.

We are best known for our excellent client relations, where we keep ALL parties  including the Seller’s side, Buyer’s side, Escrow, Lenders, Title, Negotiators and of course YOUR CLIENT in the loop. Staying in touch keeps deals sin tact!