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I live in San Diego, California and even though we’ve owned our home for nearly thirteen years, we found ourselves upside down in our property. I was unable to refinance due to the values, and once rates go back up I knew I would no longer be able to make the payment on the second which was a line of credit.

I spent months working with my lender, trying to negotiate, only to be frustrated and being declined again and again with their modifications. I had completely given up when I my real estate agent forwarded me a flyer from The Mortgage Mediator. I am happy to say that my lender has just settled with us, forgiving $125,000 on our second mtg. I would have never thought this would have been possible.

Through the entire process, Mark always took my calls and returned my emails immediately even on evenings. His whole team was wonderful to work with in what is such a stressful situation. I personally recommend using Mark with whatever equity problems you may be experiencing. Their ability to negotiate with a lender is outstanding; I would have never achieved this without their help.

Ken and Priscilla – San Diego, CA

This was the “too good to be true” TRUE deal. I took a leap of faith and signed up to settle my 434,000.00 Home Equity Line. The Mortgage Mediator and the Aggressive legal team worked very hard and settled my 2nd for only 43,000. That’s 10% of what I owed. I still can hardly believe it!

Randy – Orange County, CA

We have lived in our home for 24 years. In fact, the home used to belong to my wife’s family. This is the home she was raised in so it was very important for us to keep our home. There was only one way for us to afford to keep this home and that was to get rid of our Home Equity line of 174,000.00. The Mortgage Mediator fought several rounds with our lender and then we got the good news. $34,000 in full which was 20% of the original balance. $143,000 gone for good! We are completely thrilled and highly recommend The Mortgage Mediator. Their team if excellent to work with and we couldn’t be happier.

Bob and Jana  L. – San Diego, CA

You guys are fabulous! Thank you for settling our Equity line for only 10,000. That is less than 10% from the 106,000 I owed. I never would have believed it, considering the way I was treated by Beneficial Home Loans, every time I asked for help. What you did for us will never be forgotten.

Bob M.  – Anaheim, CA

This was simply incredible! My Home Equity Line was 98,000.000 and The Mortgage Mediator settled it for 13,000.00. The process took about 3 and a half months and now the “Equity is Mine”! You guys are awesome.

Yousra – Monterey, CA 

Mark and his team at the Mortgage Mediator are people of integrity and are a joy to work with. My 2nd was 85,000.00 and they settled it for 7,500.00. This actually saved my home for my future and retirement. They are a real God Send.

Pastor Dave Marcelo – Santa Clarita, CA

This was a No-Brainer. I don’t know why I waited four months to get started. My 2nd with Chase was for 78,000.00 and we settled for 11,500.00. Now I can move out of state and have positive cash flow making this a rental property. I am a very happy camper.

Marty – Chatsworth, CA 

I had a HUGE 2nd mortgage for 620,000.00 and my value dropped a ton. The only way out of this mess was to settle. The Mortgage Mediator took on the challenge and fought diligently until we got a settlement that saved me $400,000.00!

J.S. –Los Angeles, CA

I am so thrilled to have gone with my gut instincts. From my first call to Mark I was very impressed and excited about getting rid of my home equity line for good. However, I was in a bit of disbelief that they could really get Chase to take a huge discount, yet I believed in his sincerity and after I checked The Mortgage Mediator out with the BBB and saw an A+ Rating, I went for it and I am glad I did, they saved me $173,000.00. You are the best.

Tony –Norwalk, CA

I am very grateful that we had a chance to discuss the situation with Mark. We really did not have much hardship. However we just wanted to get out from the home being so far upside down in value. We were going to just walk away.

Throughout this arduous process with numerous phone calls and paperwork, Mark and Paula Dripps were excellent. They were very knowledgeable and efficient. They kept me updated throughout the negotiations, easy to reach when I had questions, and were pleasant to work with. I give them my highest recommendation without reservations.

Steve –Torrance, CA